Very good results! Specifically in terms of smoother and deeper meditiaion, more peaceful mind on top of better body! Very professional advice from Dr.Neha. Appreciate it and will recommend friends.

-K. Pailin
Bangkok, Thailand

I was very happy with my treatment. The Staff is very good - even better than in Mumbai. Dr.Neha gave me a very good therapy and all little problems are gone. All in a 5 star Ayurveda. The only problem was that i had to come by taxi everyday. Looking forward that in the near future there are some indoor rooms to enjoy and use instead of losing energy in the road.
Thank you for all

Sol Rothlauf

For almost a year I've had a pain in my right shoulder (Not stress induced) & overall back pain (stress induced). Since my very first treatment my shoulder pain is gone! The treatments have been extremely relaxing, yet I have more energy than I've had in months! I am so grateful for the staff and the expertise of Dr.Neha. I can't wait for a full 15 day detox.

Sincerely, Jessica

Dear Massage Team,
This was the best massage I ever recieved. I took the 4 hands massage and it was worth every minute I spent. The staff is extremely friendly, thoughtful and lovely. I was impressed how they wait together and fully are aligned to please the customer with their expertise and positive aura, I feel relaxed and energised to the maximum. I can confirm my highest satisfactoin.

Thanks for all, Nadine from Switzerland

I enjoyed the massages because they are relaxing yet intense. The therapist are very good at their job. I am happy with the treatment.

Meena Khera

Dr.Neha has really helped me. Thanks to her I havve been pain free for months now.


The experience was truly amazing. They offer a very comprehensive number of treatments. I have experienced Panchakarma a few times, but many years ago through Maharishi P.K.
This experience here in Bangkok was even better, Dr.Neha is a very experienced and precise Vaidya. So I was always confident that what she prescribed for me was very appropriate. The 2 technicians, Amin and Raj were amzing. Amin knows many many therapies and I felt very confident under his masterful authority. Ms.Pravin was very efficeint in her management of my needs and she was considerate and helpful regarding my needs.
I have benefitted from the treatments so far I have lost weight which was one of my goals and also I seemed to have lost the gas problem in my stomach.
Thanks to all the Spa / Clinic team!!

-Tim Clarke

Dear Massage Team,
Lovely experience, had the four hand full body massage. It is like an experience no other. Very professional

Ken An

I have been enjoying the massages, they are very relaxing & the ladies are very good at their work. Nice atmosphere with soft music & quiet ambience. My body & joint pains have healed a lot thanks to Pervina.

Asha Ghogar

After 6 months of feeling bloated, having acne and lacking energy, I just wanted to give Ayurveda a try as no diet or exercise or facials seemed to be of help. I was recommended to do the 15 day detox. Even though being a bit skeptical at the beginning. I am now a complete convert. My tummy is flat, my acne is gone, my energy levels are up and I feel like I am reconnected with my body and started to understand the signs my body is sending me so I can act on it. This last one is thanks to Dr.Neha who everytime I had a health complaint guided me to understand what my body was telling me. Thank you to the lovely therapists / masseuses and thank you to Dr.Neha. I will return.

Frédérique Lock

I am so happy with the results of my detox for 30 days. I was massaged, oiled, steamed and fed a beautiful nutritious meal plan. The staff is fantastic. My results included:
-10 lbs wight loss
-Boost in blood pressure
-Cleaning out my colon and much much more...

Najwa Mcdes

Wonderful center with wonderfully kind staff. Very clear diagnosis and diet recommendatoions from the doctor. The detox tratments and therapies I had were exptremely relaxing and I am now sleeping better. The ayurvedic food was delicious. Highly recommend and will come again. Many Thanks.

Leon Gatehouse