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Dr. Neha Harke

Dr Neha an in house Ayurvedic expert working with Suvarnaveda wellness center is Highly qualified holistic healthcare leader & wellness counselor with a compelling vision & passion for the practice of traditional medicine & wellbeing of the clients.
She is dedicated to spreading the ancient wisdom of this science of life to the world, keeping it truly traditional & authentic.
Her main objective as an Ayurvedic practioner is to transform life & create healthy happy society.
She is an analytical professional with more than 15 years’ experience with clients across the globe.
She has led novel initiatives & innovations & is actively involved in conducting awareness workhops / lectures/ research presenting holistic tradition of Ayurveda.

Dr Neha has been Educated & trained in India with :
Medical profession with Bachelors of Ayurvedic medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Advanced diploma in Ayurvedic Panchakarma (Detox) therapies (PGDAP)
Advanced Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation (FCR)
Certificate in Gynecology & Obstrstics (CGO)

Pulse Reading

It is an ancient non invasive way of body type analysis. During pulse reading Ayurvedic expert qill touch your wrist with his/her three fingers (Index, middle & ring finger) gently to feel underlying pulse. Each & every cell of the body has its own intelligence & this intelligence can be felt through pulse. With this Ayurvedic exepert van understand what is happening in your body. Mind & emotions. An Ayurvedic expert will share these finding & discuss an appropriate course of treatment with you. Depending on the natire of your health, she may recommend herbal supplements, particular diet, specialized detox plan. This will be totally tailor made plan to heal your body, mind & emotional health.

Cost: 1000 THB

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Every illness starts with weak metabolism. This creates accumulation of Aama & toxins which blocks the channels & bodily functions. Finally tissues are under nourished & illness is created. So we create transformation using the tools of Ayurveda with customized diet plan, Home remedies, Detox therapies to shift the imbalances from the root cause.

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